The Consent Continuum Poster
Consent as a result of pressure or coercion is not ever actually consent. Help keep your children in the green by teaching them that they have the right to say 'no' and that they too must respect every single 'no', whether it's verbal or expressed through body language and facial expressions.

Safe Adults Poster
Children need to disclose abuse an average of 5 times before they are helped. Having children name 5 safe adults teaches them persistence in help seeking. Safe adults should be both inside and outside the home.

Our Body Safety Rules! Poster
Reinforce learning and encourage body safety rules with this original and age-appropriate Our Body Safety Rules poster. Suitable for classrooms, learning centres and in the home, the poster helps to remind children and adults of key body safety principles.

Our Body Safety Rules! Worksheet
An activity for families to layout their own rules around Body Safety. Examples include: “Mum and Dad will always make me feel heard” or “We always use the proper name for our body parts”. Stick them up on the fridge, next to the TV, in the car - be creative!

Body Safety Best Practice
An infographic that shows how Body Safety Australia supports and maintains best practice in abuse prevention education.

Body Safety Superstars PD Booklet
Support positive culture change and prevent abuse in your organisation. Booklet includes tips, resources, advice and information.

Parent/Carer Workshop Booklet
Tips and fun activities to support your family with protective behaviours and to create a body safe home.

Protective Behaviours Parent resource - The Department of Education
This resource is designed as a guide to protective behaviours for parents and carers.

Case-Study Infographic
In 2016 Body Safety Australia’s Body Safety Superstars! program was externally evaluated for its effectiveness. The above info graphic depicts some of the final report’s findings.

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Body Safety Australia acknowledges and pays respect to the past and present Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and the continuation of cultural, spiritual, and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We acknowledge that sovereignty has never been ceded. Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.

Body Safety Australia is a child-safe organisation. We are committed to keeping children and young people safe by empowering the whole community in prevention education. We value and empower children and young people's voices in our programs and create a safe space that supports all persons to disclose. To read our full commitment to children, click here. If you have a Child Safety concern, click here.

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